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Titanium Para-Bottle™

Titanium Para-Bottle™
model # T-452

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The Ultimate Backcountry Water Bottle

We set out to build a better water bottle--one that's completely biocompatible, won't leach or corrode, works with common water filters, and offers multifunction versatility. The patent pending Titanium Para-Bottle™ features 7 feet of integrated replaceable 550 paracord, individually machined geometric shaped lid, and pure titanium construction. Your search for the ultimate water bottle ends here!                                                                                                                


  • Pure grade titanium construction
  • Completely biocompatible
  • Food grade silicone o-ring
  • Individually machined geometric shaped lid
  • 7 foot customizable paracord carry loop
  • Fits most standard backcountry water filters and accessories
  • Narrow profile for better fit in hands and water bottle pockets

Patent Pending 29/542,229 


  • Capacity: 34 oz/1 liter
  • Weight: 9.8 oz/280 grams
  • Height: 8.5 inches/216 mm
  • Diameter: 3.3 inches/84 mm

Note: We recommend handwashing this product only.

Additional Info

A water bottle, is a water bottle, is a water bottle, right? Unfortunately, not all bottles are created equal. 

Crafted from pure titanium, our Para-Bottle™ is tougher, stronger, and safer than other water bottles so that the only thing you have to worry about is how much fun is too much fun. And when you find yourself in over your head, unwind the 7 foot paracord carry loop and pull yourself out to safety, improvise fishing line, make a bow drill, splint your broken tent pole, or your leg. It'll be there when you need it most.

We set out to build a better water bottle. This is it.


  • Pure grade titanium construction for strength, durability, and light weight
  • Completely biocompatible for leach-free, flavor-free, and corrosion-free peace of mind
  • Food grade silicone o-ring seals water in tight
  • Individually machined geometric shaped lid for easier opening, even with gloves or cold fingers
  • 7 foot paracord carry loop can be removed for use or customized with different colors, knot styles, and lengths
  • Wide mouth opening is compatible with common water filters and accessories
  • Narrow profile is easy to grip and fits in most water bottle pockets
  • Patent pending design


  • Capacity: 34 oz/1 liter
  • Weight: 9.8 oz/280 grams
  • Height: 8.5 inches/216 mm
  • Diameter: 3.3 inches/84 mm

Note: Handwash only


Customize Your Para-Bottle™!

Vargo Outdoors


"Now that you’re the proud new owner of a new Para-Bottle™, we’ve found some ways for you to customize the paracord carry loop to make it unique to you."

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Questions & Answers

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Question: What is the capacity/volume? From the shape I am assuming that it is a quart or a liter. 04 May, 2016
Answer: The capacity is 34 oz or 1 liter.
Question: Based on the posted dimensions, it looks like the volume of this bottle is 1.197 litres. Can you please confirm? Also, is there graduation (markings) either inside or outside the bottle? Thanks. 04 May, 2016
Answer: The volume is 34 oz or 1 liter to the top of the bottle where the threads begin. If you want to fill it to the brim, it would be a few ounces/milliliters more. There are no graduations on the bottle.
Question: Hi, how does the build quality compare with the titanium water bottle? My main concern is on the one with the Ti lid I bought previously, the weldings holding the handle broke off only a few months after usage, and the bottle has a tendency to 'deform' especially when hotter liquids are put in. It is also very easy to dent due to the thin construction; a few were caused from dropping the bottle due to the broken handle! Could you advise on the thickness of the wall compared to the water bottle, and also its capacity? Thanks! 04 May, 2016
Answer: The Titanium Para-Bottle™ has a thicker walled construction which is much more durable (though heavier) than the Titanium Water Bottle with Ti Lid. It's designed to be a tough, durable water bottle. As for the broken lid you have, we're more than happy to replace that (and any defective products for free).
Question: In looking at the picture, does the para cord and holding ring slide off the bottle so I could use it to boil water without worrying about melting or burning the cord? thank you for your reply............. Roy Stevens 04 Sep, 2016
Answer: The ring that the paracord attaches to is permanently fixed to the bottle. If you're looking to boil water in the bottle (not recommended), you'll need to untie the paracord to prevent it from melting or catching fire. If you're looking to boil water in a water bottle, we recommend you use our titanium or stainless steel BOT.
Question: Is this bottle's lid the same size and structure of a Nelgene 1L wide mouse lid? Which means I can have an alternative plastic lid choice? Thanks! 14 Aug, 2016
Answer: It's the same threading as a Nalgene 1L wide mouth, but the height is a bit different. It may not work with all bottles, lids, or vice versa.
Question: Is the bottle single or double walled? 29 Nov, 2016
Answer: It is single walled.
Question: Hi, what is retail packaging for Titanium Para-Bottle ? Does it come in a paper rectangular box like 450 ml version ? Does the packaging differ for Europe and USA ? 22 Dec, 2016
Answer: Hi, Julia. The Para-Bottle simply comes with a cardboard band around its center. It does not come in a box though we do ship it wrapped in bubble wrap. The packaging is the same everywhere.
Question: Does this water bottle snugly nest inside any of your other products? 10 Jan, 2017
Answer: Yes, it will fit snugly inside the Ti-Lite 750 Mug.
Question: Can you use this product with water and apple cider vinegar mix, acidic beverages such as health related mixes, fruit juices/ smoothies, milk or protein shakes or is it better to avoid these due to making the bottle harder to clean? 01 Oct, 2017
Answer: Yes, titanium is extremely corrosion resistant (more so than stainless steel and aluminum) so those should all work fine in the bottle. Cleaning it will be as difficult as cleaning other bottles of this shape. Just add hot water and soap to the bottle, screw the lid on, and shake vigorously for a while to help clean it. We recommend to use Bottle Bright tablets occasionally to keep the inside fresh and clean.
Question: What is your recommended first cleaning method for first time use? Same as the comment in October? and would it be safe to use a brush for say camelbak bottles? I have 2 of these now, very nice but I want to make sure all is clean from manufacturing, etc. Thanks 27 Nov, 2017
Answer: We recommend using hot soap and water to clean it. Scrubbing brushes on the inside will work just fine. Thanks!
Question: what grade titanium? 27 Nov, 2017
Answer: Grade 2. Thanks!
Question: Is the 9.8oz weight correct? I thought Titanium is suppose to be lighter than your stainless steel bottle. Your stainless steel bottle is lighter at 8.8oz unless I'm confusing something. Thanks 06 Mar, 2018
Answer: Hello! Yes, the weight is correct and, yes, titanium is lighter than steel. However, there is much more material in the Titanium Para-Bottle, especially the lid, which is why it weighs more. Thanks!
Question: hi, where could i buy replacement for the white oring for the lid of the bottle? 12 Jun, 2019
Answer: Email us at info@vargooutdoors.com and we can help you out!
Question: Can you get this if you live in sweden? Thanks! 07 Oct, 2019
Answer: You might be able to get one from (www.backpackinglight.se) if they have them in stock. If they don't you can always order one directly from us!