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Titanium Triad Alcohol Backpacking Stove

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Triad Alcohol Stove

model # T-301

The Original, Lightest, and Most Compact

It’s the Vargo original that started it all! The Triad is still one of the lightest and best alcohol stoves on the market.  For a scant ounce you get top alcohol stove performance with the strength, durability, and weight savings of titanium.  Upgrade to the tried and true Triad and see what you’ve been missing.



Retractable legs and pot supports

Ultra compact design

Easy maintenance

Reliable performance

Solid titanium construction


 UL   - Ultralight
 TI    - Titanium
 AL   - Alcohol Stove
 UC   - Ultra Compact




Weight          Size (closed)          Burn Time

1.0 ounce      3.4"D x 1.1"H          20 minutes

(28 grams)     (86 x 27 mm)            


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It’s the Vargo original that started it all!  The Triad Alcohol Stove is still one of the lightest and best alcohol stoves on the market.  For a scant ounce you get top alcohol stove performance with the strength, durability, and weight savings of titanium.  Upgrade to the tried and true Triad and see what you’ve been missing.

*Using a windscreen is recommended for optimal performance.


  • Retractable legs and pot supports for excellent pot and stove stability
  • Compact design makes it incredibly packable
  • Easy maintenance with no external parts to worry about
  • Reliable performance so it’ll work when you need it to work
  • Solid titanium construction


  • Weight: 1.0 ounce (28 grams)
  • Burner diameter: 2.4 inches (60mm)
  • Burner diameter with pot supports: 3.4 inches (86mm)
  • Collapsed height: 1.1 inches (27mm)
  • Fuel capacity: 1.5 oz. (44 ml)
  • Burn time: ~20 minutes


  • Use only in a well ventilated area!  Never use stove indoors!
  • Only use denatured, ethyl, or methyl alcohol as fuel!  Attempting to burn other fuels such as white gas, kerosene, unleaded gas, etc. will potentially cause an explosion and serious injury.
  • Be sure the flame is fully extinguished and the stove is completely cooled before refueling to prevent flare ups!
  • Always anchor stove legs into the ground to prevent the stove from tipping over!

 Razz Gormley

Ultra En-Lightenment: Seeking Out The Best Minimalist Backpacking Gear For A Record Pace On The Colorado Trail

By Razz Gormley

"I was extremely happy with its compact stature, ease of use and high level of performance. The Vargo Triad is my new 'go-to' stove."

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The Vargo Titanium Alcohol Stove Range – Decagon, Triad and Triad XE

By The Outdoors Station

"A quick look a some of the current Vargo Meths / Alcohol stoves available and the subtle differences between them. The Decagon, the Triad and the Triad XE. The Decagon a more intense burn but a longer bloom time, v the Triad series both Alcohol and Solid Fuel type. We head out on a cold windy day to discuss them in detail and show how easy it is to light them with the right knowledge."

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The Outdoors Station

Do you have a question?  

Question: hi what size pot/mug would fit on the vargo triad to cook with what diameter is the minimum 14 Nov, 2013
Answer: All of our pots and mugs will fit on the Triad with the 750 ml mug being that smallest in diameter (3.8"/95 mm). Anything smaller in diameter than that won't fit properly with the pot supports fully extended.
Question: Will it fit inside your 450 mug? 06 Nov, 2013
Answer: Yes, the Triad will fit inside the Vargo 450 Mug and any other of our pots and mugs as well.
Question: I noticed on your video for the T-301 stove, it states to fill with 1.0 oz of fuel. Can you use less fuel? Normally with my small cat food stove, I use ,75 oz. for a meal. Just want to make sure using less than 1.0 oz, that the unit will still function correctly. Thank you. 20 Jan, 2014
Answer: We recommend always filling each of the alcohol stoves to capacity (1-1.5 ounces) each time you light the stove. It ensures each stove primes and burns consistently and efficiently with adequate pressure. This is the reason most people can't get the stoves to work their first few times. Each stove has been designed to easily pour unused fuel back into a fuel bottle.
Question: Is it true you can flip it over and burn esbit tabs? 26 May, 2014
Answer: It is true that some customers flip the Triad over to burn solid fuel tabs, but we do not recommend it. The stamped logo and the slight bevel on the bottom of the Triad increases the chance that a lit solid fuel tab could slide off potentially causing burns or fires. Also, flipping the Triad upside down and planting it into the ground could clog the burner holes. We recommend the Triad XE for burning solid fuel tabs.
Question: How much alcohol is needed for one use of the stove? 28 Jun, 2014
Answer: It depends on how long you are cooking. We always recommend filling the stove up to capacity (about 1.5 oz) it order for it to prime effectively which will net about a 20 minute burn time.
Question: which pot nests best with the triad the 900 or 750 pot/mug? 30 Jul, 2014
Answer: The Triad will fit in either one though because the Ti-Lite 750 is narrower, it's a bit of a snugger fit.